Is Costa Rica Secure to Take a look at?


a volcano surrounded by mountains and jungle in Costa Rica

Posted: 11/three/2019 | November 3rd, 2019

Tropical jungles bursting with wildlife, mountainous landscapes extending into the horizon, image-great beaches on each sides of the nation, and a by no means-ending provide of exciting activities no matter your spending budget.

Costa Rica is a nature-lover’s paradise — and it is one particular of my preferred nations in the globe as well. It was the 1st nation I ever traveled to and it was the nation that sparked my wanderlust.

The beaches really feel like paradise, there’s wonderful surfing, diving, and a lot of areas to get away from the hordes of retired Americans that reside right here. No matter what your interest, there are tons of issues to see and do in Costa Rica with no breaking the bank.

But is Costa Rica secure to take a look at?

The nation was fortunate to escape the Cold War conflicts and brutal gang violence that impacted other nations in Central America. Nonetheless, in current years, Costa Rica has turn out to be additional involved in drug trafficking and cash laundering.

But the nation is super secure for vacationers. At worst, you will get scammed for a handful of bucks. I imply the nation is so secure it does not even have an army!

Though Costa Rica is one particular of the safest nations for travel and backpacking in Central America, that does not imply you really should let your guard down. Right here are some suggestions to assure a secure and strain-totally free encounter:

1. Steer clear of isolated regions – If you are someplace isolated, you will be at a higher danger for receiving robbed, particularly at evening and in massive cities. Attempt to keep exactly where the crowds are. That is the ideal way to stay away from getting singled out by prospective muggers.

two. Do not put on flashy products – Petty theft is prevalent right here, so eliminate any jewelry or watches, and do not wave your telephone about. Do your ideal to blend in, so you do not turn out to be a target for pickpockets. If you come about to locate your self a victim of a robbery, stick to the guidelines of the robber and give up your valuables these material products can be replaced but your life can not.

three. Do not leave your products unattended – If you are spending the day on the beaches in Puerto Viejo, Santa Theresa, or Manuel Antonio, do not leave your belongings unattended although swimming or walking along the sand locals or vacationers alike can very easily take your valuables if you leave them about. Just take what you require with you and absolutely nothing additional.

four. Be alert when employing public transportation – Petty theft (like bag snatching) is the most prevalent variety of crime you will face in Costa Rica. Most of the theft in Costa Rica happens although taking the bus. Hold your bag containing valuables and identification on your lap and keep vigilant.

five. Normally take an authorized taxi – Crimes against cab riders are infrequent right here but it is ideal you use a licensed taxi. Also, spend close consideration to the meter and make positive it is operating. Cab drivers can turn the meter off and claim it is broken (a prevalent scam, see under).

six. Invest in travel insurance coverage – This is particularly significant if you strategy to join in on activities like ziplining, white water rafting, or surfing. Travel insurance coverage will guard you against illness, injury, theft, and cancellations. It is complete protection in case something goes incorrect. I by no means go on a trip with no it as I’ve had to use it numerous occasions in the previous.

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We suggest Globe Nomads for travelers beneath 70, although Insure My Trip is the ideal decision for travelers more than 70.

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How to Steer clear of Scams in Costa Rica

There are actually only two prevalent scams identified in Costa Rica:

1. Taxi Scam
You hop into a taxi and recognize the meter is not operating. You mention this to the driver and their response is the meter is “broken,” and quotes you a value that is outrageously higher. Or you may notice that the meter is operating but the fare is growing more rapidly than a operating cheetah.

Do your investigation and get an thought of how substantially a ride really should price from your hostel or hotel employees just before hailing a taxi. In my encounter, if the cabbie tries to negotiate the price, I use the price quoted to me and if they refuse, I get out and locate an individual who will turn the meter on. If the meter appears as although it is increasing unusually quick, ask the driver to pull more than and get out promptly.

two. The “Cheap Tour” Scam
You are exploring the internet sites and sounds of the city and a properly-mannered, nicely dressed particular person approaches you and asks if you are hunting to go on a tour. They do a wonderful job describing the most unforgettable trip you will ever take in your life, and at a fraction of the price of other tour corporations. You are sold and hand them a deposit. You wait the subsequent day for them to choose you up, but no one particular shows up. You recognize there was no incredible tour at 50% much less you’d been tricked.

To stay away from this scam only use authorized corporations when booking tours. Your hostel/hotel can often support you, and if you strategy to book by way of a tour corporation verify their on the net critiques ahead of time. Under no circumstances trust an individual attempting to sell you a tour on the street who does not have an official workplace or storefront.

These scams are the most prevalent ones you will face although in Costa Rica. If you are worried about scams, study this post on travel scams to stay away from. Avoiding travel scams calls for a lot of prevalent sense and a healthful dose of suspicion.

Zika Danger in Costa Rica

Though there are no reports of a Zika outbreak in the nation, Costa Rica has had reported circumstances of the Zika virus. Though dangers are low, travelers are advised to take the following precautions:

  • Use mosquito repellent on your physique to protect against bites and sleep beneath a mosquito net to stay away from receiving bit although when you are asleep
  • Put on breathable garments that cover your arms and legs (if you are questioning what you really should apply 1st, apply sunscreen 1st followed by repellent).
  • Hold doors and windows closed as substantially as feasible to protect against mosquitos from getting into your area
  • Pregnant females or couples thinking of pregnancy really should seek advice from a healthcare practitioner prior to travel
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FAQ on Costa Rica Security

Right here are the most prevalent queries I get asked about staying secure in Costa Rica (and my answers to them):

Is Street Meals in Costa Rica Secure?

In Costa Rica, street meals is secure to consume and not to be missed! I’ve had my fair share of empanadas, fresh fruits from open markets, and other regional foods and have been completely fine.

That getting stated, if a thing does not appear cooked by way of (such as chicken) or has been out in the sun for as well extended, then trust your gut and do not consume it. But I would encourage you to attempt the street meals as it is the ideal way to encounter the cuisine and assistance regional corporations (plus, it is affordable!)

Is the Tap Water Secure to Drink in Costa Rica?

The tap water in Costa Rica is secure to drink, nonetheless, it is encouraged that you stay away from drinking the tap water in most beach destinations. The ideal way to make positive your drinking water is secure is to bring a SteriPen or LifeStraw for your reusable water bottle. This way you will be in a position to purify the tap water so you do not get sick — and stay away from employing single-use plastic bottles in the approach.

Are Taxis in Costa Rica Secure?

The taxis in Costa Rica are secure and dependable, although you will often want to make positive you are receiving in an authorized taxi. Throughout the day, you can hail a taxi from the street safely, but make positive you spend consideration that the meter is turned on and operating appropriately.

If you are taking a taxi at evening it is ideal to have your accommodation contact it for you. That will assure you get a respected corporation. Under no circumstances hail a random taxi at evening.

As talked about earlier, taxi drivers will sometimes attempt to take benefit of travelers by overcharging them. Normally stay alert and if something feels suspicious ask the driver to cease the cab and get out. Do not take any probabilities with your security.

Is Costa Rica Secure for Solo Travelers?

Costa Rica is a secure nation to take a look at for solo travelers. As extended as you keep away from isolated regions, do not wave your valuables about, and do not travel alone at evening you will be in a position to stay away from the most prevalent risky circumstances.

On top of that, be positive to download offline maps and an offline language app (like Google Translate) so you can appear up directions if you get lost or communicate with the locals in an emergency. If you can, attempt to understand some Spanish just before you go as well. Even a handful of essential phrases can go a extended way!

Is Costa Rica Secure for Solo Female Travelers?

Costa Rica is one particular of the safest nations in Central America so if you are new to solo female travel, Costa Rica is a wonderful nation to commence with. Nonetheless, you will nonetheless require to take some precautions of course. Normally stay away from isolated areas and do not travel alone following dark. If you come about to encounter cat calling or harassment from strangers on the street, be confident, stay away from eye get in touch with, and stroll away.

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Solo female travelers will want to stay added vigilant at bus terminals, bars, and taxi stands exactly where harassment is additional prevalent. When traveling about the city, ask your hotel what the safest route is and also which regions you really should stay away from. Also, stay away from taking taxis at evening — particularly by your self.

By taking some precautions and organizing accordingly, solo female travelers will be in a position to have a memorable time in Costa Rica. Just make positive to stick to the guidance and suggestions above!

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With any tourist location, you will run into persons attempting to pull quick ones on guests. By employing caution, prevalent sense, and following the suggestions above, you will be in a position to keep secure and healthful throughout your take a look at to Costa Rica.

Book Your Trip to Costa Rica: Logistical Suggestions and Tricks

Book Your Flight
Uncover a affordable flight by employing Skyscanner or Momondo. They are my two preferred search engines since they search internet sites and airlines about the globe so you often know no stone is left unturned.

Book Your Accommodation
To locate the ideal spending budget accommodation, use as they regularly return the least expensive prices for guesthouses and affordable hotels. You can book your hostel with Hostelworld as they have the most complete inventory. Some of my preferred areas to keep in Costa Rica:

  • Arenal Backpackers Resort – This is a luxurious, laid-back hsotel with a pool that is wonderful for hanging out and meeting persons.
  • Rocking J’s (Puerto Viejo) – The coolest hostel in all the nation. This hostel situated on the beach is the prime spot to meet other backpackers.
  • Hostel Vista Serena (Manuel Antonio) – With wonderful ammenities, employees, and a pime place, it is the ideal spot in the location.

Do not Neglect Travel Insurance coverage
Travel insurance coverage will guard you against illness, injury, theft, and cancellations. It is complete protection in case something goes incorrect. I by no means go on a trip with no it as I’ve had to use it numerous occasions in the previous. I’ve been employing Globe Nomads for ten years. My preferred corporations that present the ideal service and worth are:

  • Globe Nomads (for every person under 70)
  • Insure My Trip (for these more than 70)

Seeking for the ideal corporations to save cash with?
Verify out my resource web page for the ideal corporations to use when you travel! I list all the ones I use to save cash when I travel – and I assume will support you as well!

Want Much more Data on Costa Rica?
Be positive to take a look at our robust location guide on Costa Rica for even additional organizing suggestions!


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